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Allison Mack to serve 3 years in prison for supplying NXIVM sex 'slaves' to Keith Raniere

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Allison mack sexy Allison Mack

Who Is Allison Mack? Facts About NXIVM Sex Cult Member

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Allison Mack


Starting from the year 1986, her first movie was Impure Thoughts, where she played the role of Patty Stubbs.

  • In 2019, her Smallville co-stars and Michael Rosenbaum, who played Clark Kent and Lex Luthor respectively, Both actors seemed genuinely surprised that Allison had gotten mixed up in the cult.

All the celebrities we know were part of the NXIVM sex cult

Under federal sentencing guidelines, Garaufis could have sentenced Mack to at least 14 years in prison.

  • In her role as a leader, Mack directed Joan to attempt to seduce and have sex with Raniere, in part as a means to help Joan recover from childhood and sexual abuse traumas suffered in her youth.